Golf Tournament Management

Golf Tournament Management

golf tournament managementSimplify golf tournament management with GolfHerd, including scheduling, set-up, registration, pairings, cart cards, starters' lists, and scoring the results. Use GolfHerd's tournament module to efficiently set-up your tournament components and co-ordinator. Format, including Calcutta, multiple component (entrant fee, multi-day play, pre or post events, mementos, non-player items) or single component (one course, one day) tournaments are easy to set-up or revise.

Once your tournament is set-up, send out an eblast to members or all profiles in your GolfHerd email list to promote it. Send supplemental eblasts as often as needed to promote your golf tournaments. GolfHerd's built-in calendar keeps members advised of tournaments and non-tournament golf dates/events and each listing contains a sign-up link.

Automate your golf tournament sign-up process too. GolfHerd groups all tournament registration fee components (playing, social, mementos) into a single sign-up item. Non-entrant components (social, mementos) can be offered for purchase as well. Depending on your league's choice, you can accept tournament payments via check, PayPal or both.

Once a golf tournament registration has closed, use GolfHerd to set-up your flights and pairings, print starters' lists and cart cards. Afterwards, use GolfHerd to score the results. When it comes to golf tournament management, GolfHerd is the answer.

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