Golf league membership administration

Golf league membership administration

golf league membership administrationGolf league membership administration is streamlined with GolfHerd. The GolfHerd membership module uses intuitive logic and navigation to provide the tools needed for league administrators to manage their membership roster. Set membership pricing and periodicity, review an accurate, real-time current membership list, add new members or renew current members and update members' profiles, it's all there for you under the Membership tab in GolfHerd.

Administrators set up membership types, including add-ons (e.g. USGA handicap, etc.) in GolfHerd and automate your league's membership process. New and renewing members can go online, log-in to GolfHerd and join or renew themselves, including payment options of check, PayPal or both, depending upon your league's payment options settings. GolfHerd's reporting capabilities let you monitor the membership process in real time.

Communicating with your league's members is easy with GolfHerd. From golf schedule updates to tournament announcements to general message emails, GolfHerd has the options you need to get the news out to your league's membership.

All the tools you need for golf league membership administration are there for you in GolfHerd.

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