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Team GolfHerd

Team GolfHerd developed the GolfHerd software app to automate managing a social golf league or club, including membership, email communications, tee times, tournaments and other operations, all via the web. GolfHerd = More Golfing and Less Administration!

Moving to Palm Springs in 2000, Jan Stapel and Vito Degrigoli, Team GolfHerd’s principals, started a non-landed, social golf league. Golf outings with 2 tee times quickly grew to 4, 6 and more; soon much of our time was spent managing the membership roster, tee times and tournaments for the club. Using our programming skills, Team GolfHerd created the GolfHerd software app.

GolfHerd is a software app developed by Team GolfHerd at the Home of the Herds.  Team GolfHerd believes automation is the key to an company or organization’s working efficiently.  Our programming knowledge and skills will keep your company or organization at the top of its game on any playing field. We take a unique approach to our clients’ needs and listen to their requests; in a world awash with distractions, we believe that listening to your clients is an art in itself, which we strive to fine tune with every effort.  We analyze our clients’ current automation set-up, be it a legacy system or none at all, and work with them to meet and exceed their automation expectations. In fact, many of the great features in our software apps have been the result of client suggestions.

The Home of the Herds by Vito & Associates, Inc. are automation consultants. We offer a wide range of software applications and innovative data solutions, including custom software programming, web accessible databases and website design, for your company or organization. We’ve been doing so, for large and small clients in the United States and worldwide, since 1992.

We truly believe that when our clients succeed, the Home of the Herds by Vito & Associates, Inc. succeeds.