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Membership benefits

membership benefitsGolfHerd offers many membership benefits for your league's roster. Members enjoy better interaction with their league through GolfHerd's intuitive design. GolfHerd allows members to review the league's golf schedule and tournaments through either an interactive calendar or via clearly-identified Membership Menu tabs.

Logging-in to GolfHerd, members can view the golf date schedule, see who's signed-up for specific golf dates, select from open slots and sign-up in the foursome of their choice, request additional tee times for sold-out golf dates, review golf dates they've signed-up for, move themselves into different foursomes pending availability, and cancel themselves from golf dates... all without administrative interaction.

Members may log-in and update their GolfHerd profile information on their own. Members can view their league's membership roster, which includes basic contact information of other members who have elected to share their information with other members; GolfHerd includes a privacy option in member profiles for those who do not choose to share their basic contact information.

Tournaments sign-up is also simplified with GolfHerd. By choosing the Tournament Sign-up tab or selecting a tournament from the calendar listings, members are efficiently guided through the tournament sign-up process, where they may elect to pay via check or PayPal.

When renewal time comes around, GolfHerd makes the membership renewal process easier too. With clear-cut, intuitive design, GolfHerd guides them through renewing their memberships online. Members with expired memberships who attempt to log-in to GolfHerd are automatically directed by to the online membership renewal process, where they may elect to pay via check or PayPal. Get GolfHerd and increase your league's membership benefits right away.

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